About the Owner

Andrey Misyutin's interest in video production began in Canyon Crest Academy high school, where he joined a film-making conservatory and assisted in the founding of a top-notch news network that premiered weekly throughout the school. Throughout his time at CCA, he developed his skills in pre-production, production, and post, giving him a well-rounded background in all elements of the film-making process.

After being accepted to UCLA, Andrey set his sights on applying to the Film School, a two year program that required a separate application process. In his time preparing for this process he began auditing film school classes, gathering internship experience in major production companies, and working videography jobs for clients outside of UCLA. In his networking endeavors, Andrey joined Delta Kappa Alpha, the film-making fraternity that was re-instated in 2012. He also began working at Studio 22, the on-campus television station, where he would work for over 4 years and rise to the title of Assistant Producer.

In 2013 Andrey Misyutin was accepted to the UCLA School of Film and Television, where he would choose to concentrate on cinematography, lighting and camera operation. During his time in film school he had a chance to experiment with the 16mm and 35mm format as well as train on a variety of high-end digital cameras such as the RED, ALEXA, and BlackMagic systems.

Over the next few years Andrey shot music videos, events coverage, weddings, advertisements, testimonial reels, documentaries and short films. He worked with companies such as the PAC-12 sports network, managed the production of a video for the Smithsonian, assisted in the development of an international travel show, and collaborated on projects with 16-time Emmy award winning news anchor Christine Devine.

Andrey Misyutin graduated Cum Laude from the UCLA School of Film and Television in June of 2015. He currently owns a full 4k Blackmagic Production Camera package, and works as a freelance Cinematographer, Editor and Colorist under the title of his company, Pacific Video Production.


Awards and Recognitions

Home Late (2014) - Dir. Ryan Elkins, CO. Andrey Misyutin                                                                                                                                                                                           A 5 minute single-take film that won the award for Best Production and Best Direction at The 2014 UCLA Campus Movie Fest.

Aerial Videography Featured in Award Winning This is UCLA video, 2014